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The Perks of Having A Triple Monitor Stand

Since I started working at home, I have become quite obsessed with keeping my work space organized. I found myself constantly finding ways to effectively remove clutter from my desk. I tried installing more drawers in my desk, but it was of no use. All the clutter eventually came back. You see, my home business requires me to have three different displays, so I use three monitors. All three are on my desk and as much as they contribute to the clutter, I cannot do away with them because they are essential to my business.

And then a friend told me about using a triple monitor stand. This stand is meant primarily to hold three monitors together, thereby allowing more space on the desk to be cleared up. I checked out some styles in my favorite store and decided to choose the wall mounted one. I thought that choosing the desk monitor stand will not help me solve my problem since the stand will still be on my desk and a lot of space will be taken up. The wall mounted stand is perfect because it clears off a big area of my work space.

Using a triple monitor stand did not affect the performance of my computer in any way. The monitors were positioned in such a way that looking at each of them will not give me any discomfort. If I needed to have one of them tilted or moved, it was easy for me to do so.

Aside from helping declutter my desk, my triple monitor desk stand has also given me other substantial benefits. For one, it has become easier for me to simultaneously monitor and view emails, web links and attachments. In addition, it has also become possible to edit and preview websites, photos or presentations simultaneously. With the stand, I can now talk to my clients at one time using videoconferencing.

The biggest advantage I got from using the triple monitor stand, however, is the fact that I can now perform my tasks better and more efficiently, thereby helping me to become more productive.